Haussners Linwood Fire House

Welcome to Highlandtown!

Welcome to the official home of the Highlandtown Merchant’s Association and all things Highlandtown.

Highlandtown is an East Baltimore neighborhood nestled between Canton, Brewers Hill, Patterson Park and Greektown. With anchors such as the Pratt Southeast Anchor Library, the Creative Alliance at the  Patterson; arts center, and  soon to be completed, Baltimore Medical Services facility, our district continues to evolve into a vibrant thriving Main Street. We offer a wide and diverse variety of shopping, dining and arts venues.

Southeast Anchor Library

Highlandtown’s Art and Entertainment designation; shared by only one other district in the city, is another reason Highlandtown is such a unique jewel in Baltimore. Currently the Creative Alliance, several art galleries, and the Farmer’s Market/Art-Ket provide many programs and events engaging the community, businesses and residents.